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Testo The Story Of..

Your evil eyes with your glass shaped prize You smell of smoke with your dirty clothes We?re all afraid of your twelve-step stage You lose control and you won?t let go You say we?re weak, but you can?t even speak You scream your words and they don?t flow Your killer rage feels so much pain You?re one last tick of a time bomb And I?ll someday I will Bleed the story of The times you took from me And I will bleed the story of The youth you wasted me I finalize that one last time I?ve gone away and found my home You feel ashamed for the life you claim We?ve said goodbye and you?re all alone You compromise with the letters you write But ink is dry and we?re way too strong You give a rose for the stones you?ve thrown And that?s a shame ?cause you?re to late And I run on, run on, run on, run on out ?Cause I don?t want to be that way Running from the things I?ve seen running from the name of shame My silver eyes with my brand new life The memory stays as I go on And all the seams that were ripped from me have bound their strands And I?ll do no harm And someday I?ll find a way to trade that pain And all that?s wrong about a man who raised his hand And I can?t get that out my head

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