I Like You (Farr's Song) Testo

Testo I Like You (Farr's Song)

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
If you didn't know I liked you
You're pretty bright
you'll probably figure it out now
Or maybe you think I just like to
Dress up in white and throw bags of our parents' cash around

Did you know
I did not like you much
when we met
What was it? 8 years ago?
You and your friends you had this "we're too cool" attitude
But I must admit
I was quick to let that go
When you showed up in my doorway
Your wide brown eyes were simply fastened to your feet
You had one hand behind you, the other hand was holding out
My favorite sweet thing to eat
You said...

"I like you, I like you, could you maybe like me, too?"
I like you, I like you, could it really be that simple?

?Cause you know
that I'm just like you
I can get shy
hell, I can shut down
But we're gathering up everything that scares us
We'll divide it by two and you'll see
There ain't nothing
we can't shut down

?Cause I like you, I like you, could you maybe like me, too?
I like you, I like you, could it really be that simple?

Later on when it's quiet
and everyone we love
Has made their way home
Yeah, I know we're gonna be tired
But at least I know
I'll finally be alone
With that boy
who brought me ice cream
just 8 years ago
You still make
everything so sweet
And you paint your pretty pictures of everyone we know
And nearly everyone you meet
But they pale in comparison
yeah they do
To your beauty and your grace
Yeah, I know this is embarrassing,
I can almost feel the heat
rise to your face

?Cause you like me, you like me, you know you like me, too
Yeah, you like me,
and oh baby I love you
could it really be that simple?
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