Untitled (Fred & Becky's Song) Testo

Testo Untitled (Fred & Becky's Song)

I can't drive after I see you
You make me drunk and distracted
Got me coasting through every stoplight in town

I keep checking my reflection
Thinking this is what love looks like
Cheeks like roses, eyes like flames

I'll try but I can't paint this
or color in your kindness
Uou are green and gold and clear like rain

And I don't know how to thank you
My words are just as empty
as the days before you came to stay

Now I know I'm not alone
I've got a love to call my own
I know i'm not alone
I've got a love to call my own
my own

I've been chasing sleep since midnight
I did not want to wake you
So I'll whisper this and maybe you'll hear

You make me higher than that mountain
That we climbed that day last summer
All I want is just a million more like that

You say, baby, you're not alone
You've got a love to call your own
Now baby you're not alone
You've got a love
ooh a love
ooh a love...
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