SBS Testo

Testo SBS

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
I play with my head raw spirit in my 8 ball
I'm in a filthy hell,a phlegmatic jail
Oh...take me down
I feel my pain is draining out
And I get my empty leather mouth

Wasted,I've wasted all my fucking glory remains
Come on!Leaving a shit youth to live is a lies

Hey!Come on!We do what we have
I think my lifetime is gone with your own
We do what we have
And night by night,six days one fight
Then I'll burn down
I'm stuck myself again
I'm Sick to Be Sad

Dying for dollars
Sacrifice yourself
Bloody hate tears in an automatic hell
Let it grown in your head
Imaging that all starting again
There's a secret hide behind

You can waste you can waste all your fucking glory remains
Come on!Leaving a shit youth to live in a show everyday
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