Snowball Testo

Testo Snowball

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Tied this letter to a red balloon
Flew this letter off across the roofs
Along with all the plans I made

Over crippled cranes and twisted steel
Deadlines overgrown and missing wheels
A "told you so" communique

Told you so
Told you so

The biggest of mistakes can be forgiven
But a snowball of little white lies will crush your house

From the razor wire, an oily rag
And it's what you make the nation's flag
Pray you never sleep again

Oh, and laughable the crying shame
Oh, the mark I made against your name
I hope this finds you less than sane

Told you so
Told you so

For you to think that history's rewritten
You'd have to think the dead will be forgotten
Your snowball of little white lies has crushed our house

When the pills you take
No longer help you
Fading in your garden chair
A hundred and two
You'll see the light dim
You'll lose the birdsong
You'll hear the voices you've been holding off for so long
Buzzing 'round you
And then a hurricane
A hundred thousand souls
And every one in pain
They'll come and visit you
We'll come and visit you

(Never sleep again)
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