Rising of the storm Testo

Testo Rising of the storm

"...a vast ever-growing world of wondrous beauty, quietly humming with magic and majesty, stretches out as far as I can see, and even beyond the distant horizon the splendour of this realm does neither know nor fear any boundaries.

And yet the setting sun calls for Twilight, and brooding shadows grow ever taller. A distant thunder rolls over the land, as a first and final warning of the rising storm:

...There will be no dawn..."

By the faint light of the night

Brightened by the shining of a waning moon

remote bolts of lightning fill the sky

The hour draws nigh, it will come soon

The distant thunder, the rising of the storm

Shrouds of mist and clouds of black

Obscure the howling wind's vortex

The winds are crying out your name

Heavens shall weep for you tonight

Sirens singing songs of sorrow

Ancient enchanting melodies

Soothing songs of old

Yet their words are ever so dark

No light shines, the night is cold

...And so it will be like the prophet foretold

Gazing at this lightless realm in which the sun once reigned

Skies turned to emerald green and darkest black

Primordial wrath sent forth from death anxiously awaits

The merciless and brutal full attack

Winds are singing in chorus

A song of melodies so sad

Sirens wailing for their sorrow

Tearful serenades of grief

Mournful songs of times

Forgotten and long gone

No dawn shall rise, farewell to light

...Farewell to light, no dawn shall rise

...And in the woods the lightning strikes

The thunder rolls and daylight dies

A frightful presence roaming through the night

The storm now reigns forevermore

Unparallelled, this nature's force

Eternally negates all light
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