Runaway Train Testo

Testo Runaway Train

Everyone knew she was gonna be fast
everyone said they could build her to last
10,000 tons of hurtlin steel
screamin round the curves nobody at the wheel
everyone said don't pay it any mind
there's a pot of gold waitin at the end of the line
just move with the eye of the hurricane
you'll never get off this runaway train
nobody cared when they piled on board
and the doors snapped shut and the engines roared
they pushed to the front
some fell to the back
buyin and sellin every inch of the track
deep in the engines fire in the hole
dark skinned workers shovelin coal
all singin their sad refrain
we'll never get off this runaway train
up in the diner everybody decked out in their finery
can't see the wreck comin up ahead
with their bellies full of wine
it's the last thing going through their minds
so proud of the engine proud of the speed
call for the porter give them everything they need
stare through the glass feel no pain
don't even know they're on a runaway train
long after midnight a pitiful few sound the alarm
don't know what else to do
bangin on the doors of the cabin and crew
hey we gotta slow down or we won't make it through
sleepy riders don't want to wake
or suffer the shock when they put on the brake
don't want to question , don't want to complain
rather keep ridin on this runaway train
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