Solaris Testo

Testo Solaris

Verse 1-

f i'm closer to the sun,
I'm the furthest from someone,
I'm the chord that wont resolve,
is this what i've become,
And i just cannot leave,
I keep on burning from the heat,
I'm blinded from the spill,
Of light here she shines on me,


And oh shes bringing in shes bringing in the light,
And i'm, i'm getting it, i get it i'm alive
dont count on your satellites,
to say shes here tonight
just know shes bringing in
shes bringing in the light.

Verse 2-

Oh she likes to lead,
Everyway she led me on,
She took the ground beneath my feet,
And drew me closer to the sun,
My mind is spinning right to the edge,
I'm veering out of control,
And gracefully reel me in,
Here she comes, here she goes.

*** Chorus 1 repeat***
*** Chorus 1 repeat***
*** Chorus 1 repeat***

Just know shes bringing in
Shes bringing in the light
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