Time After Time Testo

Testo Time After Time

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Another day, waking to the same old beat,
Counting doors, walking through the same old street,
Breathing in, breathing out the same,
Nothings changed, just imitating yesterday,
Counting down, all the opportunities,
Its down to one, now everything is falling on me,
Alarm bells, are warning me to do something nes,
Get away, Ive got to get away!!

I hear the sound of something new,
Give me the keys to unlock you,

Time after time,
And nothing has changed,
Day after day,
And we're still the same,
And now I feel,
That im gonna break, cos i just cannot wait,
To repeat yesterday...

Its just a game where you're the boss and Im just a slave,
You trap me in, and i just play to entertain,
And nothing more, so make your move and I'll be ok,
I try my best, but all you do is laugh in my face,
A gun shot..!
Will wake you up in the night,
You better run, or you will end up seeing the light,
My heart beat, is warning me to do something new,
Get away, I've got to get away!
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