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Testo How I Know You

Alessandra Amoroso: si chiamerà 'A Modo Mio Vi Amo' il suo primo libro
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I grew up in your hometown, at least began to growI hadn't got to my first shave before the body blowEgyptians in the courtyard, my family in chainsYou witnessed our abduction which possibly explainsHow I know youHow I know youBefore that fateful morning my family enjoyedA privileged existence, for my father was employedAs advisor to the king, no less, which surely rings a bellFor as you are his daughter, you probably can tellHow I know youHow I know youEnough of reminiscence, and such happy memoriesThe reason why I know you well is really none of theseIt's just you reek of royalty, you ooze uncommon graceI'd know you were a princess, in any time and placeYes I know youHow I know youYes I know youHow I know you

Scarica la suoneria di How I Know You!
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