Guardians Of The Underground Testo

Testo Guardians Of The Underground

Black is the night, black like never before
Death is pillaging the lands evermore
The time of truth and faith seems to be long gone
Long has our music been declared dead
Lies have been spoken, our fire’s what they dread
Don’t they know the guardians still do stand as one

Children of darkness, fire and faith
Daughters and sons of the gods
Tonight in our blood the oath is sworn
Never surrender, never we’ll kneel
Never we’ll lie to our hearts
Tonight we stand as one and raise the horns

Fires burn in the night
Hearts of steel are sworn to fight
Guardians of the underground
You’ve been lost, now you’re found
By the spirit we are bound
Guardians of the underground

They are the stage warriors without defeat
They write the chronicles for all to read
They will supply the world with the magic sound
They are the ones who will come to the show
They tend the fire the chosen few know
The heart of Metal is beating underground

Swordbrothers and Headbangers
Keep It True and real
Play It Loud and Up The Hammers high
Long Live Metal, feel the Metal Rage of British Steel
The Dragon’s Breath is rising to the sky
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