War Of Steel Testo

Testo War Of Steel

Atop the mountain of steel we stand
With our swords of steel in our hands
As we ride with our steel into battle
We will fight for the steel and the Metal

Dragonglory, mighty power
Hail the firelord
Pride of warriors, holy battle
Heavy Metal

Powerhails and thunderblood
We break the seventh seal
Eaglesword and Metalgod
We fight the war of steel

Let us fight with our steel for the king
Our voices of steel mighty battlehymns sing
The false ones will die, they don’t know about steel
A Metal secret we’ll never reveal

Powerthunder, glorious warriors
Swords of lords of steel
The posers die like cattle
Heavy Metal

On the last day when I die
I die with the warrior’s pride
But then I return from hell
Still clothed in my armour of steel
I will fight with my brothers and swords
Fight for the mighty Metalgods
We will not rest and this is no lie
Until the day when all the posers die
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