Dust 2 Testo

Testo Dust 2

If dust could only talk What would we hear it say? Before it's brushed aside Just as it's swept away It's just the evidence It's of no consequence It's only flesh and bone Why don't you leave it alone? If dust could only speak Caught in a falling beam If dust could only cry If dust could only scream For it's the single witness that might testify Could I spit out the truth? Or would you rather just swallow a lie? But dust is always caught behind a coat of paint Beneath the marble fingernails of kings and saints And in the theatre curtain where they hang a drape Or in the ticket pocket where your hands escape Before they start to wander Or they start to shrink You rub your eye a little and appear to blink And then she caught you staring She knows just what you're thinking What got into you was not a ghost as such It was just dust Here comes the juggernaut Here come The Poisoners They choke the life and land And rob the joy from us Why do they taste of sugar Oh, when they're made of money Here comes the lamb of God And the butcher's boy, Sonny Well I believe we just Become a speck of dust...

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