Next Time Around Testo

Testo Next Time Around

As I stepped out upon the landing my heart was already down the stairs She's in the bedroom with that boy of hers Though her face is creased and her eyes seem strange There's a second-hand emotion on battered forty-five My tears were never enough to keep that girl alive Now she seems contrite will she make the change [Chorus:] The next time 'round The next time 'round You'll be someone else's baby But I'll be underground The Next Time 'Round Then you took two steps forward and then one step on your back Now it's a future for me and you that I lack You'll be the one who'll stands out in the dark Even when you're all dressed in black [Chorus] You've got something I want now And I've got something I can't hide I've got too much love for you now Have you got too much pride Sometimes I name and number all the things you gave to me Your elastic love, this velvet-line purgatory You used to take the breath out of me Now I think you'll be the death of me [Chorus] You'll be in some sputnik baby But I'll be underground The Next Time 'Round

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