Romeo's Séance Testo

Testo Romeo's Séance

Is anyone there I can talk to? Give us a sign if you're with me CAN'T you see that I'm dying to hear you EVERYONE ELSE HAS LOST INTEREST AND I'M ALL ALONE IN THIS DREAM HOUSE Though you're gone I don't feel like crying Romeo is calling you Knock once or twice if you're out there Send me a message my sweetheart When I'm out and about I'll be coming to see you IT ISN'T EASY TO LIVE WITH THIS MATRONLY FACE AT THE WINDOW Try to contact me, if you can see how I'm suffering Romeo is calling you Scatter the paper and thimbles You can take care of the candles An unplugged radio plays. She is close NOW Me and my hand-holding baby walking the floor and the ceiling THIS IS the song SHE dictated this evening. Romeo is calling you ROMEO IS CALLING YOU

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