Guessing Game Testo

Testo Guessing Game

[Chorus 1:]
Here we go, go, let's play a game, game
Try to guess the word that I'm a use, I'll explain, lain
I'm end up each and every line just the same, same
You fill in the blank before I say it, that's the aim, aim

[Chorus 2:]
I welcome y'all to the introduction
To learn how to play here's the instructions
A couple rules to show you how the game function
Yo, I'm a take a double, take a double syllable
And split it down the middle so it's no longer even
The first half stay, the last half leaving
So now the end of the line sound deceiving
So figure out the word that match before I change the meaning

[Chorus 1]

K, K. You want to play? How should we start?
You try and guess the other half of this word. We'll use smart-
-alec. You see how easy that was?
I say a line like: My head get slight when I'm catching a buzz-
-cut. Got it? Well we can do another
Why was Sally shocked to find there was a nine inside my under-
-age? Now we can really begin
Long as this beat keep the treats falling out of my pen-
(piñ)-ata. Rather slow or faster it's disaster
I come flowing harder than a master-
(mastur)-bator. Now in the streets we a mess, try to test
We drop it, you stop, pop a two in your rest-
(resp)-tory system. They claim they the best
Hey, you ask me I say maybe they were OK, yes-
-terday. They wouldn't even respond
Those niggas pussy and they don't want to fuck around with a con-
-dom. I live the life of a star
See me glide in different rides like I live inside of a car-
-nival. Yea, that's your girl in the stand
She's a fan, when I'm done she's going to want to give me a hand-

[Chorus 1]
[Chorus 2]
[Chorus 1]

Check, this girl was pecking my neck
She knew this one-minute man who use to bust in one sec-
-retary. It was a dude named Kev
He went to church on a Sunday and turned his back on the rev-
-olution. Bet, you caught on yet?
OK, your dogs turn scaredy cat when they facing the vet-
-enarian cause they not this sick
I keep a chick loss for words so she hop all on my dick-
(dic)-tionary. I don't be giving a fuck
This line goes out to each and every critic that thought I would suck-
(suc)-ceed. But peep the line before last
It's breathtaking, it has your favorite rapper sounding ass-
(asth)-matic. I keep the rhyme striking them
Cause I sparkle like a diamond and shine like a gem-
(gen)-shu. Not caring who I offend
I ain't believing none of y'all thug niggas living in sin-
(cin)-emas. I had this girl in my bed
And every time she opened up her mouth she was giving me head-
-aches. Now since the day I got bread I can spread
I know quite a few of my friends have gotten fed-

[Chorus 1]
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