Intro (The Preface) Testo

Testo Intro (The Preface)

(I don't know what this world is coming to!)

[sample plays in the background throughout the song]

[Elzhi:] What up dough nigga?
[Male friend:] What up El?
[Male friend:] Put it on it first?
[Elzhi:] Yo, I put somethin on there, what's the deal?
[Male friend:] What's good?
[Elzhi:] You know we got to smoke, right?
[Male friend:] That's right
[Male friend:] But yo
[Elzhi:] Yo
[Male friend:] What's up with this motherfuckin rap game?
[Male friend:] This shit is all fucked up
[Elzhi:] Heard you heard that shit on the radio, right?
[Male friend:] Yeah, I heard that bullshit
[Elzhi:] Yeah, I'm tired of that shit man
[Male friend:] I'm tired of that shit too dog
[Elzhi:] Niggaz ain't fuckin with us man
[Male friend:] Niggaz ain't fuckin with El
[Male friend:] Yo, I think you ought to show these niggaz man
[Male friend:] Show these motherfuckers what a classic is man
[Elzhi:] Yeah
[Male friend:] Show these niggaz what real hip hop shit is man
[Male friend:] Hit 'em with somethin

[Verse: Elzhi]
This is only the beginnin
Not everything I've been in is included though
It'll be concluded in the endin
I thank y'all for spendin, time
Your nickel and dime or four quarters
To get your pre-store orders
Now it's finally here and I'm in your possession
You witness my growth and saw the progression
A blessing, to the day that I'm breathless
I guess it was destined, now welcome to The Preface
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