Two Envelopes Testo

Testo Two Envelopes

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Two envelopes arrived this morning...
Just heavenly !
What beautiful photographs.
I loved them all.
My favourite was the one on top !

"Across the fields to old rectory",
Just like you say.
So reminding of meeting you there
On your way.
You seemed so happy to be here
Remembering the sea side in Cuckmere.
Thank you a thousand times.

I shall keep them with Charlotte's album
So preciously
To remind me in the winter of the special week
We spent together in the spring.

Thank you a thousand times. (X2)

I so wish you lived just over the hill from here...
But you have the sun in the south
And not the rain ;
The wind and the clouds of sea side England.

I so enjoyed hearing about your houselooking on the Alpes
And the big room where you go upstairs to be quiet.
I hope to come on the train next year.
Tell me when you might be there.

I so wish you three lived over the hill from here.

I love you all, Grand Family
I love you all, a thousand times.
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