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Testo Don't Hate Me

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I'm better off without you,
Leave me alone- don't go there with me,
You look so kind, you look so clean, but…

You really don't like me,
You try to avenge what I did,
Don't go there cause you'll regret it,
You won't get by my guard,
So boy, don't hate me!

You try to hide your crime,
Better give up before I destroy you,
I'll never have the same fate, the same life,
I'd like you to shut your mouth,
Better listen or else…

You can't get to me,
I won't let you,
I've got the proof,
I've got the evidence,
So now… I'm ready…I'm steady…
Bring it on!

Repeat Chorus

Twisted up in your own thoughts,
You didn't see me creeping up behind you,
Don't think you've got the all clear,
Now listen to what I say!

Repeat Chorus 3x

(Guitar solo)

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Scarica la suoneria di Don't Hate Me!
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