Hooker on the Corner Testo

Testo Hooker on the Corner

I'm a hoe.......yes I am baby

I wear skimpy clothing it's very tight
I work all night I was off tonight
waiting for someone to pay me
You've probably seen me everywhere
I don't even wear clean underwear
my pimp doesn't care (doesn't care)

I'm a hoe
my pimp says work bitch
Hoe (uh)
but my heart is saying no

If you wanna freak with me
baby there's a price to pay
I'm a hooker on the corner
look at my teeth decay
if you wanna be with me
baby you have got to see
you can get a case of shingles
and a bad STD

I'm a hooker on the corner baby
my pimp says I'm fat and lazy
I'm a hooker on the corner baby
come, come, come on and pick me up
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