Ken Kaniff Testo

Testo Ken Kaniff

[Ken Kaniff]I'm gonna call this motherfucker. Oh fuck yeah. Give him a piece of mind. A piece of my ass.
[Operator]Thank you for waiting. Hello, may I help you.
[Ken Kaniff]Oh thank you. I need to make a collect call.
[Operator]What number?
[Ken Kaniff]Oh the number is **6-2***
[Operator]At the tone, please say your name.
[Ken Kaniff]Kenneth Kaniff, from Connecticut. Automated piece of shit.
[Ken Kaniff]Hey there, cock boy.
[Eminem]Who's this?
[Ken Kaniff]This is Ken Kaniff.
[Ken Kaniff]Ken Kaniff from Connecticut, you little bitch.
[Eminem]From Connecticut? I don't know nobody in Connecticut.
[Ken Kaniff]Yeah, you wanna get a hotel room with me?
[Eminem]A hotel room?
[Ken Kaniff]Yeah, you want me to lick your ass, Eminem?
[Eminem]Yo, who is this, K?
[Ken Kaniff]You want me to fuckin melt in your mouth and not in your hand? Melt in your ass you little cock boy.
[Eminem]Yo, shut up you little bitch.
[Ken Kaniff]Oh, you think I'm lying huh...
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