Make Some Noise Testo

Testo Make Some Noise

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
{Eminem} 123...7:00 party at my friends house DR.dre want me to
sing new tunes and turn the place insideout I said...maby if mr.Grady ill let
me out of detenchion and ill talk my mom out susption while im cooking
pancakes in the kitching at the same time making wishes hoping that theyll come
true cause its the only thing to do and if they do come true my life want be
so blue [chours]{dr.Dre}when i say make some you say noise make some
(crowd)noise [dr.dre] make some{crowd{noise} [repeat3times]{eminem}every body
make some noise the party aready is jumping..people left the nextdoors
neighbors party to come knocking on are door cause the music got more and more
loud while i chowd sandwitches singing making more noise the party got so wild
the police came while i listing to the negihbor say 2can play at that game the
people at the party were so insane and when the police left i herd dr.dre say
{reapeat chours 7times and on 5th time fade}{dr.dre sings chours}
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