Pills (Freestyle) Testo

Testo Pills (Freestyle)

i keep mytube socks filled
and pop the same shit that got tuupac killed
spit game to these hos
like a soap opera episode
then punch a bitch in the nose
until her whole face explodes
there´s three things I hate: girls, women and bitches
I´m that vicious to talk walks awkward
stick figure with a dick bigger than Mark Wahlberg
Coming trouhg the airport sluggish, walking on crutches
and hit a pregnant bitch in the stomach with luggage
It´s like a dream, I can´t back out, I black out
I´m back out, looking for someone "of" to beatthe "crap out"
I´m bringing you rap singers
two middle fingers
flip you off in French and trnslate it in English
then I´m gonna vanish from the face of thid planet
and come back speaking so much Spanish that Pun can´t even understand it
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