There they go Testo

Testo There they go

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
The D-Town boys carry the calico
Whenever there`s war you gots to know
Them boys got toys
Tear down the front do
Detroit make noise
Everywhere that we go
There they go, there they go
meat cleaver
Leave a gash in a bitch`s ass
She had dreams of being an R`n`B singer diva

Laeve her face cut up
From the waist

What a waste
Of a pretty face
And this place ain`t just safe

Its just straight gangster

It ain`t just New York or L.A. that bangs no more
There`s Latin Count Kings here
Southside folk, Eastside them gangs
And Nothin`but gang lands and
Spray paint cans
And when that van rolls up
Man, they ain`t glancin
That window rolls down
and that trey.8`s dancin

And them shooters don`t miss
Homie man they hate chancin

Its straight for the dome and its vacate fast
And get the fuck outta dodge
Flashin`red and blue lights
No ambulance
You got flattened
And this was not supposed
To be no Detroit anthem

But just so you know if you see
Them D-Boyz passin`...
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