Thou Shalt Be Done Testo

Testo Thou Shalt Be Done

Breathe in deep and wander in your senses.
Inhale the fragrace of dried withering flowers.
Banish your morals and hide away your religions. The stage is set for dying actors.
If silence comes will it be done? The silence comes it's just begun.

Learn to live with the loss of bleeding allies, however deep it seems to hurt you.
I've given my body it's been trampled like a whore. Torn apart are my devotions.
If silence comes will it be done?
When silence comes thou shalt be done.

Chased through bones of fallen heros.
Breathe in deep and taste your vengeance.
I've seen the masses. They've kicked in faces. Insanity leaves a trail of hopeless bloody dreams.

Screams for gentle freedom, pleads for mercy.
I've begged forgiveness for such unspeakable actions.
Shackles hold for you fancy torture.
All I've seen has made me sick when you take me down and you fuck my world.

Bathed in blood. Drown in it's colors.
Hazy reflections of faces on my blade.
Close affection has lost its meaning.
Turmoil and rage burn a hole into my skull.
It's just begun! The silence comes. It's just begun.

My body turns. It faces corners.
Grim distortions will batter me, they batter me.
This place loves embracing sorrow.
It takes me by the chest and rips my fucking soul apart.

Disturbing figures stalk our footsteps. They make us hate with the grin of Mr. Barnum.
Human instincts turn to rival.
Like the praying mantis kills her mate, bow
your head and leave this place.

Dancing dead, I sing rejoicement Entrancing, Romancing. Cracking the bones.
Walk with me on your judgement.
Rejoce, rejoice. Rejoice your fucking death to me!

It's just begun. The silence comes. It's just begun.

If silence comes will it be done?
The silence comes, it's just begun.
If the silence comes will it be done?
When the silence comes thou shalt be done, On Earth, On Earth.

It's just begun. On Earth!
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