Perihelion Testo

Testo Perihelion

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
And he was here
Space is his feature, so don't ask what's on the end
Time is his feature, so don't ask what was before
Who clapped his hands, snapped his fingers
Or pulled him out of a hat?

Foolish people are searching in vain
A restaurant on the end of space
All ends where it began... circles in circles

Who made the pulsars dance?
Who let the black holes starve?
Who said one and one is two?
But the speed of light plus anything is still the speed of light
What or who is hiding behind the horizon of occurrances

For all curious he twisted space highways into the point
He's coming from
You turn your head to the sky
You see thousand questions
But even more of them you find looking into mirror

So wait, you human...

One day you'll find answer to your question "WHY"
One day comes your perihelion
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