In The Day Testo

Testo In The Day

As I was walking down the street I had
To stop and think about the good old days
A show almost every night usually ended
Up in a drunken fight
Drinking by the railroad tracks
The cop's drove by they never looked back

Take me back to the good old days
When there was unity in the scene
Take me back to the good old days
You know what i mean
Take me back to the good old days
The speedway cafe
Take me back to the day before
It was all ages at the door

Down underneath the viaduct
Punx and skins covered a city block
Crowd around to see a show
Needed a place that felt like home
Thats exactly where we would go
And that's what we do
That's exactly where we would go
To see a band like you


The sound of broken glass
Shatters through the whole crowd
Everybody's getting loose, the crowd's getting loud
Open up the door and the whole crowd flies in
The tension builds up waiting for the band to begin

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