Wait Till I Get There Testo

Testo Wait Till I Get There

I was 500 miles away when I got the call on a cold winter day
Mama was crying when she said son hurrying home
She said your grandpa is not doing well
And the doctors said it's hard to tell
But by the looks of things he don't have long
Lord I knew someday that this time would come
So before he take you home

Wait till I get there
Don't let him leave this world without me having the chance to say goodbye
I want to tell him I love him and I'll miss him everyday
Lord I know he is going to a better place
But if you are going to take him today, ooooo
Wait till I get there

I left my heart lying on the floor as I grab my keys and ran out the door
Caught a red eye flight back home to my home town
And as the silver wings touch the midnight sky
Looking down over the world I realize how small life is
Like a grain of sand
Lord time was him wish I had more
And all I am asking for


I just want to hug his neck just one more time
And be there right beside him when he closes his eyes


Wait till I get there
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