666 Testo

Testo 666

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
"Assholes, bastards, fucking cunts, and pricks"

The black devils back and gotta step into the mix
The brand new rhymes and the 6 6 6
I shipwreck shit, shit gets wrecked
When I hit the set what the fuck you expect?
PO be a motherfuckin' but a two timin' bitch
I'm not a crossover, don't plan to switch
I rob the rhythm like I was a witch
Nine dead bodies throw 'em in the ditch
You wanna try me out to come and test my style
I'll cut 'cha head off and throw it in the pile
I'm versatile, the voodoo child
Don't sweat the technique, but peep the tech style
Gettin' wicked 'cause I'm raisin' hell
Doin' just as well to bust a brain cell
The unholy, shup, man
6 6 6 and a mic in my hand

[CHORUS repeated]
6 6 6 and a mic in my hand
6 6 6 and a mic in myyyyy hand

The U-N-H-O-L-Y flow for the track
Cut your head off and fuck you so I know where you're heads at
Might slip n slide yo and if it's not a wet one
After I bust my nut on George Jetson
And leave no doubts
I'll put my foot up in your ass and kick your fuckin' pussy out
I'm not a romantic, I leave 'em panting
I'm a psychotic, lunatic, pschitsophrantic
I gotta tattoo of a dick on my foot
So when I kick you in your ass I'll be fuckin' you up too
Roll wit me, roll wit me
If I chopped off your head the police'll come and get me
I gotta ax for all the new jacks
When I swing I know where your heads at


I'm the mister with the musical mad shit
Mannick depressant, but it's still kinda bad shit
I can get funky too
Or break me a good car like a honkey too
But I'm no white boy
I'll slit your throat in the middle of the night, boy
Killers don't talk, but stalk the streets
I'm like a cannibal cookin' some dead meat
I'm down with RLP
25 preachers in a church couldn't save me
I roll like a maniac
Some say I'm insane for that, rap brainiac
Listen to the funky drummer
Or listen to the screams of the victims of Jeffrey Dahmer
Plus you don't understand
You can't kill a dead man


6 6 6

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