Chatty Ass Nigga Testo

Testo Chatty Ass Nigga

This goes out to all you chatty ass motherfuckers,
wack motherfuckers, can't fuck with the mad motherfuckers,
chatty ass motherfucker

It ain't shit, wicked, like this wicked wicked shit
You want me to kick this shit, well let me kick it bitch
Who we gets that nigga so mysterious
You dyin' to know who I be you so curious
You say I cannot be down, I cannot be liked
I cannot be that wicked on the mic
Hey I'm so sick of this shit, I'm so sick of this here
We so curious, I got you bitches livin' in fear
I see so many motherfuckers that cannot duplicate it
Tryin' to be like natas, satan, satan, natas, natas, satan
You can bite this style for a while and still feel chatty
You wine happy, so go marry

You's a chatty ass nigga
A chatty ass nigga

Chatty ass nigga nigga chatty, call me mack daddy
When I'm rollin' through your fuckin' hood
The bitches know it's all good
Down for the dirt, puttin' in work
Liftin' up skirt, bitches get hurt
It's that nigga TNT, bitch you better recognize
Fuckin' with a voodoo child, bitch you could be paralyzed
Keep my fuckin' name out'cha mouth before I blast ya
Nobody asked ya, I rose like Casper
Boom, boom, boom, bitch dropped dead
Some slugs in his head, for some jitty Jim said
Chatty ass niggaz don't live long
And most dead niggaz don't sing no songs


You's a chatty bitch, call me pimp daddy bitch
Never loved a hoe, and had he switched
Then you know who's on my dick
I don't know stay up off my dick though
Quick to kick the sick flow, dissin' all wicked hoes
And we be foes not friends 'cause
I can't deal with your ills, I gives a fuck how you feel
Playa hata, I got no love for your kind
You be hopin' that I fall, so fuck all of y'all


Now what kinda nigga is a chatty ass nigga
Dat bitch nigga is a chatty ass nigga [x2]
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