Devil's Night! Testo

Testo Devil's Night!

Esham's back in the house for Devil's Night
And I'ma get me some gasoline and burn down the whole scene
Wicked rhymes I be wrestling
You better cover your ass cuz I'ma put ya in Vaseline
Stick 'em, stuck 'em, I fuck 'em up and fuck 'em up good
Freak the funk so I fuck it up like a G should
Burn your house to the ground and watch you all cry
Pour gas all around and hope you all die
The type of arsonist niggas never ever seen
If you saw me on the scene see me smelling like kerosene
I got a magic trick, burn you like a drippy dick
Somebody pass me a Bic on Devil's Night

Watch a nigga get ill like Fire Marshall Bill
Gasoline will spill from here to Louiseville
I got a flame-thrower, arsonist, suicidalist
Burn your mother fucking ass up to a crisp
Strike 'em, struck 'em, burn 'em up, fuck 'em
Fire man come, buck, buck, buck 'em
Cuz I'm a fireman but I got a gas can
Shoot a gas can, and blast your ass man
Shit God damn, I smell smoke
Slit a nigga throat
And fuck the okey doke
Cuz I gotta burn 'em, teach 'em, and learn 'em
Until I get a turn, burn Hollywood burn
The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire
We don't need no water let the mother fucker burn
Burn mother fucker, burn till ya ashes
I burn niggas up when I get hot flashes
I slash his throat
And choke off the gun smoke
Then blaze that ass like a J on Devil's Night

Devil's Night, I need a light so I can blaze up
Police station, wicket Hell raiser
Playing no games, shit's going up in flames
No evidence, no nothing, no names
Return of the dragon, but I'm fire kicking
Your ass'll be crispy like Kentucky Fried Chicken
Cracker, burner, nigga, blacker
I'm a ram shackle
Snap pop crackle
Didn't do a thing, with my gasoline
Until I flame broiled your ass like Burger King
Now you in trouble, watch your skin bubble
Settin' me a fire, get away on the double
Arsonist, watch me just set a fucking blaze
Watch it burn down, cold staring in a daze
Wanna set a fire? I'll be ya tutor
Burn up ya city like the L.A. looters
When ya set a blaze, ya gotta do it right
Watch, somebody gimme a light
On Devil's Night
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