Migrane Headache Testo

Testo Migrane Headache

(feat. Insane Clown Posse)

[Chorus: Violent J (Shaggy 2 Dope)]
You Mutha Fuka
Hey Hey Hey Hey

I can't go to sleep at night Migraine Headache
Just like the exorcist my whole bead shake
What I'm tryin to do now is make the dead wake
Real life pshcho path and nothin ever said fake
I watch blood drip down the walls
Take 23 Tylenols and
Voices is yellin from down the hall
I'm loosin it mental abusin it
Ya car crashed while I was crusin it
Caise I drop my Mountian Dews in it
The radio was blastin I blew a fuse in it
The cops signal me to pull over I'm refusin it
Try to stop me and this uzi I'm usin it
Tor murder I be choosin it bet I be abusin it
The whole game I'm bout to re write the ruls in it
Its too many fools in it
I'm just stuck on schoolin it
Crazy coolin it show in you how I'm doin it
Panic attack will ruin it
Skitzophrenical lunatic


[Esham (Violent J)]
Sufferin I need some asprin and some Bufferin
I'm comin outta coma of 17 soma
Purple gush is the aroma murder deploma but first
(I.C.P. bitch and this ain't a verse) heh
Push a herst stream up out my funeral
489 V is on the pill I swallow
So if you wanna follow me walk the bloody trail
Fuck you if you wanna see my soul heaven but hell
Tell ya mom about the drama the wicket ass coma
360 blow ya mind like the suicide bomb
So ima strait meditated stay sedated
Another to better state it is I stay medicated


Please don't cripple me up for the love of god
Please don't cripple me up(hey 8 x's)
Wicket when we kick it you don't dig it
You can pick it but forget it hoe the
Wicket shit is ours chickens in you pick it
You ain't with cuz you sick us you can
Stick'n lick it prick it fuck it
Suck a dick for hours

[Violent J (I.C.P.)]
Pounding pumping bangin thumping
Gotta migraine and its a little somthin
Is Esham satanic? Fuck that I am
I'm satan bitch tripple 6 goddamn
(Black fuckin magic witch all out so
Shut your mouth rubbing cuz my slip out)
Me and shaggy murder bag ladys and faggots
Fuckin braggin as we garbagin em for the maggots
Its raining theese diamonds and happys my mood
I'm like a fat kid eating pizza bout to watch
Pay Per View (please don't fuck with me now)
Not another migraine sometimes the diamonds
Fall with are with an acid rain!



[I.C.P. Talkin]
Real life psychopathic
I.C.P. and Esham
Thats What I'm sayin
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