Pill Me (Feel My Prescription) Testo

Testo Pill Me (Feel My Prescription)

Vasco Rossi, il Live Kom ‘016 parte da Lignano Sabbiadoro
Pill me for my addiction
Feel my prescription
Try everything, I've tried everything
Check this shit out

I be that Egyptian who need a prescription (So what's poppin?)
Pain pills, feel my addiction
I'm caught up in the mix and plus I need fixin'
This is fact not fiction, bitch, why you bitchin'
Take a listen witcha ears and close ya mouth
Wash it down wit' some water before ya pills fall out
In the darkness I hear somebody call out my name
When I think about the past all I see is the flames
Angels try and save me but I'm crazy
They say 'Follow me' but I can't fly wit' these broken wings
And 'Tongues' are spoken things
Don't know what they mean, nightmares that I'm a dope fiend
Insomniac, I don't sleep, I can't dream
The voices say 'Follow me' the pills say 'Swallow me'
I gotta migraine, dead brain cells
Anphenamines flowin' through my veins takin' me to hell
Can't you tell I'm in another dimension
Can't you tell I'm in another dimension
Hell on earth and I got a life sentence
The only way to get to Heaven's repentance

[Jill O'Neil]
Pill me for my addiction, feel my prescription, baby
I'm ya pain killa [x2]

I'm a pain killa, a game killa
The one you come to when ya need the same killa
Footprints in the sand walkin' witcha
The shadow behind you who can getcha
Thoughts of suicide run through my mind
I think about murderin' murderers all the time
I close my eyes and turn into vapors
Smokin' blunts in the Bible papers
My mind travels at light speed
'Cuz I speed in the fast lane swervin', my eyes bleed
Now let me tell you what I need
Pussy, pain killas, pills, and weed
Maybe a world without greed
Until then, all my words you must heed
And do believe, alter ya mind state
You'll never find fate, you'll never find love, you'll only find hate
Wait, for goodness sake don't act fake
And baby, these pills relieve my headache
From the cemetery I watch the dead wake
Enough dope to make all the feds shake

[Chorus x4]

Enemies wanna kill me up, pill me up
And squeeze they triggas 'till they slugs fill me up
Now, who wanna try me, crucify me
Wanna assassinate the holder of ya fate
'Cuz you'll do anything for the doper me
Ain't no hope it seems for another dope fiend
O.D.'in in the dope house ya be in
Layin' dead witcha eyes open, forever seein'
'Cuz ya pillin', you be pillin'
Pill, pill, pill
Pill me, you just pill me
You just pill me
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