Unhappy Testo

Testo Unhappy

A-1 Yola
15a - unhappy
(I was dreamin' when I wrote this, so don't quote this. Watch me flow this.)

[Verse 1:]
When you live your life in misery
And you so blind
Can't see
Nothin' but sufferin'
Tired of strugglin'
Barely gettin' by
I can't lie
Sometimes it make me wanna cry
Hold back the tears inside
Keep all my fears inside
And my pistol by my side
So much anger and aggression
From manic-depression
I grab my Smith & Wesson
This is just another lesson
I feel like God is testin'
I'm steady askin' questions
'Cause I'm unhappy

Unhappy [x19]

[Verse 2]
When you unhappy like me
A problem's never solved
You never get involved
The whole world revolves
Around doctor's diagnosis
With symptoms of insanity
Mental casualty
It's sad to see another tragedy
Thinkin' too deeply
Forever sleepy
A subliminal criminal
In the darkness, you can't beat me
Lithium pills
Askin' God to forgive me
I guess this how I was sent to feel
When he unhappy

Unhappy [x19]

[Verse 3]
I'm sick and tired of bein' sick and tired
Fallin' in fire
Feels like my body is wrapped in barbed wire
I don't give a fuck no more
And I just can't take no more
How the fuck am I supposed to not to bake a cake no more?
And the only thing that's left is love
'Cause I can't hate no more
So, if you gonna kill me, do it
'Cause I just can't wait no more
Rappers dyin' from rapid fire
It just ain't safe no more
Time waits for no man
And I just can't waste no more
Steady lookin' at my mistakes
I can't erase no more
Demons fallin' from the sky
This ain't no holy place no more
God, I swear I'll never put you in second place no more
'Cause I don't wanna see that look on your face no more
Drugs, I don't chase no more
That ain't the case no more
And I finally don't wanna be a disgrace no more
A guinea pig to this world's rat race, no more
Russian Roulette in the face with a .44
I'm unhappy

Unhappy [x19]
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