It Hurts Me So Much Testo

Testo It Hurts Me So Much

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
Baby baby baby
You know I love you
And I know you could love me too
But you can't let yourself be unfaithful
You can't let yourself be untrue
If I'm not it would make just a little bit of difference now
I'd gladly get down on my knees, yes I would
But I might as well
Make myself face it
I know that you'd never
You never belong to me
That's why it hurts me so much
It hurts me so much
To be unable to look
When you know that you can't touch
The best thing to do
Is to try to be stronger
Push my heart out of the way
I can't let it
It can't go on any longer
The game, the game is getting too rough
Too rough to play
That's why it hurts me so much
It hurts me so much
It hurts me so much
It hurts me, it hurts me so much
No, don't let it hurt me so much
It hurts...
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