Loser's Weepers Testo

Testo Loser's Weepers

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Losers, weepers, finders, keepers

Now you put your only man
Out in the cold, yes you did
Just because your best friend told you
He was too told, lemme tell you she lied.
And now I found him and you want him back, yes you do
But lemme tell you, but I'm tell you right now, Etta, I'm not going for that
It was a case of

Losers, weepers, finders, keepers

Now listen
You know you cheated and you lied
Right to the end, yes you did
You were even talking about your man to his best friend
You have no business doing that
Then you promised him if he come back
He's never miss you, see
But now he belongs to be, and I ain't gonna lose him
It was a case of

Losers, weepers, finders, keepers

I been in love with your man for a long, long time
Yes I have, you didn't know that did you?
I been trying to think of a way to make him mine
Now listen, I will still be your best friend and do all, do all I can
Sure enough, but I'll never, never, never let go of that man
Because it was a case of

Losers, weepers, finders, keepers
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