3 Kings Testo

Testo 3 Kings

[Verse 1: Dres]
We taking you higher, while Dres making it flyer
Making a fire, black man walking the wire
You're talking to sire, profile for to those aspire
To see more than what they saw when they looked upon Delilah
Survivor, for those who can't attain or acquire
Required to rip, you flip, shit supplier
We're loved throughout the shire, respected, admired
And fuck an empire when it's built upon a mire
Destroy and rebuilt for ourselves we gonna see him
Sadat's a Black Sheep and I'm a Brand Nubian
And doing is being, tell me, do you believe in
Maximum effort we forever over-achieving
Tighten the rope, feel the flight of the dope
Light it and smoke, sip it, chug it and choke
Going for broke, in my heart I still sell
Switch the land with the plan, everyone man will tell

[Hook: Dres & Sadat X]
Hey boy, this is the way the East Coast swing it so bring it (3x)
Sounds, rugged and raw, got rhymes galore

[Verse 2: Sadat X]
I was the Black Sheep, the first car I bought was a black Jeep
Girl called me a black creep way back, father said
"stay black" forces, taxes, courses
Jump into a black pool and emerge as a black jewel
Engine number 9 was fine, other had swine
I told the wife, "yo, you can't make me bacon"
Syndicated, indicated that we wouldn't sell
But that ain't rock for me, and Dres will tell
I heard you got the fever for the flavor
I don't get along with my neighbors, they crabs
This shit is up for grabs
O.G's, oh please, we still do dates, leave it to the fates
We trying, dudes ain't buying
They thieves, kill it where it breathes
Don't hate, we're just trying to pay a small rate

[Verse 3: Jarobi]
Walk for a second, nigga feel my energy
Witness dirty skills and a pure delivery
Camouflage on stage, you can't see me
With them lights all on and I'm looking all shimmery
You know what? I should get an award
Like, "Mr. Most likely to never leave you bored"
Or, wait, "Come-back emcee of the century"
Riddled with intrigue, wrapped in mystery
Do you know your history? No? Well me either
But I bet you know about 30 different strands of reefer
I've traveled dusty roads, have dents on my fingers
Even when my voice stops, memories still linger
Construct rhymes like Kaiser Söze spins tails
Even thugged-out niggas give me digital sales
Dat, Robe, and Dres, hard as shit you can sell
Heaven only knows and time will tell
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