Secret Spy Testo

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Testo Secret Spy

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
He wanted to live the
life of an undercover
New faces, dangerous
places and suspicious
He's gonna take his
girl to the classy part
of town
Top down in his MG
He's the big man in
the town

Deny any
Because they're closing in on you
Sneaking out
incognito is the one
thing you can do

He was a witness
to some business
Going on downtown
on the other side
He's catching bad guys
and dodging drive-bys
Just another day in the
life of a secret spuy
Across the corner
you might see him there
Looking very casual
but he's dressed to kill
Danger surrounds him
but he'll survive
Wing-tips, white shirt
and his lucky black tie
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