Waiting For Red Lights Testo

Testo Waiting For Red Lights

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
I turned around,
and looked to see you say hello to someone else.
And soon these thoughts flow constantly,
of who you are and what we should be.
I know that I'm only here to turn you on,
to all the things you'll want someday from someone else, so,
My flag's up, here's my mayday.

That's ok, hey, treat me like I'm some kind of joke.
I've waited for this

Cause that seemed like a good idea.
Even though we don't talk that much these days,
do you believe in maybe someday?
I know that you didn't mean to lead me on,
I didn't mean to fall so hard, so bad for you.
I'd like to know, just what I can do.

That's ok, hey, treat me like I'm some kind of joke.
I've waited
You turn around, say "man I think I've been here before."
Yea I knew you would

I think I think too much about you and where you are.
I wish I'd forget this
Instead on and on in my head, it's you
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