A Milli Freestyle Testo

Testo A Milli Freestyle

It's time to get money
I got a million reasons why I am better then them (a million)
Yeah (I'm about to give you one right now)
It's Loso in case you ain't know so baby; let get right to it

[Verse 1:]
What really the dealie with these silly MF
Bunch of fake ass milli vanillie MF
Yet still these MF
Says they Philly MF
But I only smoke dutches I don't feel these MF
They gonna pull and shot what
NO really MF you gonna run
Probably pull you a killie MF
Nigga please you wouldn't pop a willie MF
You wouldn't raise the heat if you were chilly MF
I will kill these MF
Tell these MF
Know that I am legend
Call me Big Willie MF
I will Frank Billie and west Philly MF
And you can be the?
If you get silly MF
So if you feeling froggy leap that lily MF
And I serve your fruity ass like wet willie MF
I am like Obama to these silly MF
And you nigga is Clinton HilBilly MF (wow)

Nigga say you nigga is Clinton (ha-ha)
HilBilly MF (half these nigga don't even get that)
Hillary Bill Clint fuck it they don't get it
(Let's not waste no more time)
Let's go You know what I am right

[Verse 2:]
I am a millionaire and some Louie V millionaire
White bucket like Gilligan Wear
La familia in here don't care who over there
Red Rover Red Rover send these bitches over here
You can also send the waiter yeah I think his name Lemmon
Tell his slow ass to come on with that Grey Goose and Patron
Try to get them in the zone da da the zone
So I can pick and roll like stocking and lamon
Yeah smell
Nah baby not my cologne
Let me be clear with some Bacardi Limon
Look it here Simone
You can call the phone
But if you ain't try to bone
You'll be talking to the tone
I'm so cocky all I wanna do is bone
I'm so rocky my last name should be Stallion
I ain't Jenny baby
I ain't here to Jones

Fuck what you talking about
It's Los (it's about me this time)
Ha ha I had to do it
I told you nigga ain't better then me
I got my long shot (these nigga act like they better then me)
Street Dida Dida DAMN (about to get close baby)
Let me get back at counting this money
And I am out (broke nigga trying to fuck up my count)
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