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Testo Dui

Do you know why I stopped you?
With your fine ass, I was in the cut, you came flying past
Wish the way we met would have been different yo
But you was doing 55 in a '54
So pull over, that ass is too fat
Ironic... you ...and i, I
We a team, high 5
Long time no me, who you been doing
I get over excited under your influence
Head in the whip won't blink the eye
Let you swallow but you really shouldn't drink and drive
Got your body swerving, I'm trying to slow down cause the body ...
Making me wanna bring it like bottle service
That who, who, got you nervous
You might think I'm crazy but I'm serious
I think it's best that you know now
That when I'm with you boy I get this feeling
And I don't wanna slow down
It's so unusual, the doctor can't prescribe ... I'm on
Is you... beautiful, ... behind the wheel, the way you loose control, for you

You make me... and ... through your love, you got me high, oh baby
Another DUI, your touch is like a drug you got me high
Intoxicated, I got another DUI, a DUI, a DUI, whoa,
Another DUI, a DUI, a DUI, i, i, i, i,

Every time you pick me up to ride around
My mind goes into danger zone
Only meant to kiss my lips and I don't wanna stop
My body says go, go
What's gotten into me, it's like I .. fantasy
And took it to the head, you got me dizzy
Tell my ex boyfriend I be ...
Won't let me go, oh no


Strap up, put your belts on
Strap up, and you know it's alright, but it felt wrong
Matter of fact, it felt good and it felt warm
Like hot wax on your body when it melts on
... you into him, what you been doing, huh
Driving under the influence, like a special vibe that you trying to send to him
... that's what the love is, that's what the bug is
That's what the benefits of messing with a thug is
Yeah, even know we above this, I just wanna know you got full coverage

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