For The Love Testo

Testo For The Love

It’s for the people that I do it
(Would you do it for the love?)
I may do it for real though
(Could you do it for love?)

Could of left a long time ago
Fuck it where am I gonna go?
A brother back in the house
Couldn’t let Obama go
Do it cause you love it nigga
Advice from my mama “go”
Those who just follow green
They the first kind to go
Being broke ain’t a joke I’m to comical (hahaha )
7 digits nigga ( yeah )
True comic who!
Make your first million and don’t make it your last
Don’t come if you ain’t ready don’t try to make it too fast
You can’t learn shit if you never make it to class
You can’t just recycle what should be placed into trash
I started one moment and it keeps me there
I’m caught it across the house and the place it crashed
Put my life on a camera you don’t want to face the flash
Cause you louse one of your son’s and there’s no replacing that
Let the faces you show be the same faces you stash
It’s more where that came from
Y’all know where I came from
It’s all about that boy that called me papi
So I’m keep on making that paper papi
You squares can never stop me (what ?)
The triangle is what blame me (what ? )
Two lines for you fuck boys (pawns that are playing me)
Right from where I left of let’s get back to that real shit
That’s it’s back to this real shit with packs that I kill shit
I chit chat about killing shit
I spit that I feel shit
I get you 4 bars of Kit-Kat some real shit(nice)

Quit fucking with me I may massage the bitch
I deep you hole room you nigas should hide your bitch
Like the chain rez grandmamma gave me I have a thing for women I like them misbehaving
You know like bad, Mike bad
So I’m a check them when I see them nice ass
Cause then it’s life coming and going like fast
And I’m not one favor using words like hats
I’m into having shit turning dreams out of shit
Bringing the trophies to the club Dallas maverick shit
I came from first to the mud money to waken up whenever I want money

I chase paper I hunt money
Make 50 rakes at 3pm and call it lunch money
Nigga your stunt money it’s blunt money
Your bull only got a text back once from me
And then it was like’’ what the fuck you want from me’’
Haha, but I know what the fuck you want from me
Ya ya ya ya ya!

You ain’t got a front for me I know
I know what you want from me
I know
I know we all want some money
I’m a let you get to it
The only question I come to you is
Would you do it for the love
Would you do it for the love
Would you do it for the looooveee
Would you do it for the love
Would you do it for the love
Would you do it for the looooveee
Would you do it for the love
Would you do it for the looove
Would you do it for the love.
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