Joke's On You Testo

Testo Joke's On You

Make money money, make money money money, make money money, make money money money, make money money, make money money money, make money money, make money money money You niggas got it twisted man [Chorus] I'm like ha ha ha ha ha you niggas make me laugh, c'mon if it don't make me math. I'm like ha ha ha ha ha what u can't take a joke, well i cant take being broke. I'm like ha ha ha ha ha, make money money money. Ha ha ha ha ha, make money money money [Verse 1: Fabolous] You niggas are comical, who me I'm seven digits two commacal on my mama fool I'm getting this money and that kill'em they looking at a pimp funny I'm Katt Williams Money Mike, I gets money on the mic and some say I'm wild'n out Bargadi styling out, pushing seven digits dialing but i ain't gotta fucking choice my money talks in a Chris Tucker voice "And you know this man" You a stand up rapper, hip hop comedian I start laughing as soon as i put your CD in you joke, you joke, you kid, you kid should have went to Comedy Central with the vids you did but ok, you B.E.T. only if its Comic View Promise you I'm funny style I can be a comic too I'm Marty Mar, at a Auty Mar Cute snotty broad, tits like Dolly Par Ed Harty naw this is carty ma but that was a good one, Hardy har Lambo Galardi car getting my last laugh HAW [Chorus] [Verse 2: Pusha T] The jokes on you niggas see the figures don't add up to the claims you Sam Kinnison you just screaming names my brother my partner for real like the Wayans plus everything in live In Living Color High rise checks diamonds the size of Robin Harris' I Bebe Kids my neck You call it a tribute, a ?? distribute sales was slow i got Paco to contribute some morals in each state, move weight, get caught, don't talk, Dave Chappelle niggas might break so hilarious, how the chariots, carry us Phantom is light gray sort of like Ashy Larry is King of the one liner lil' rhymers watch what you say you just a potty mouth like Andrew Dice Clay I pop collars on niggas, i drop dollars on niggas i jell O's together i Bill Cosby on niggas got you lost in the smoke i Micheal Connelly you niggas i watch u verse from the fire i Richard Pryor you niggas said enough nigga sort of like Kramer i'm joking you don't wanna see the anger Fab tell'em [Chorus] [Verse 2: Fabolous] Mane look, the diamonds in your chain look funnier than Dane Cook, you hit the Sufi I am to fly, in the booth I make joke of them, i ain't the richest nigga but i ain't broke as them I'm serious, petty worth will make a man delirious like Eddie Murph Girls get curious is he really funny, don't be silly honey i'm the burner packing Bernie Macing I ain't scared of you mafuckers kick ass hon stack thick ass a deck of card VIP section hard they try to holla at me you know the heckler broads I'm popping Rose, I don't the neck to God don't front yo, i be in the front row watch your wise cracks or i'll be at your front door and i push up on a female smoothly, in a GL but keep that on the D.L. Hughley LOL this is LOS O no your money coming so slow guess this mafuckers a no show, Oh oh oh [Chorus]

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