Last Time Testo

Testo Last Time

This is the last time
I know I'm bout to drive you crazy
Last time, but i gotta see my baby
I know I swore I wouldn't break ya heart no more
Tried to walk but I just cant leave her alone
Girl she keep calling me (calling me)
I tried to leave her alone but she keep calling me (calling me)
And I gotta go

Verse 1:
Damn here we go again I just came back girl dont make me go again
She said you been in the streets
You was with that hoe again
Money wrapped in rubberbands
What you selling blow again ?
How she got you holding guns but you call that hoe your friend
(feat. Trey Songz)

You aint suppoused to bring her home, What you do? you show her in
I was like show her in? Neva that oh no, anybody in the streets know that that's a no no
So no I would never ever ever ever
Baby Ima G yeah that's right the seventh letter
See one thing about the streets I know where that heifer at and I bet she always be exactly where I left her at
But you know we had a bond no ring no paper and I don't hear this shit when I bring home paper
My ears to the streets what you gonna tell us ?
You keep talking down girl you sound like you jealous


Verse 2:

Hi honey I'm home
She looked at me and said its 5 something in the morn'
You smell like you been drinking the vibe from you is strong
I said baby that's cologne
She said nigga that's patron
If you wanna keep with them bad habits that's fine
You think I'm with it than you out your rabbit ass mind
They say tricks are for kids most chicks woulda slid but who aint miss a visit through the six that you did
I'll be damned if I do another six with some kids who only see they daddy in them flicks on the fridge
Them niggas that you think are in the mix with your shit they the same reason Michael Vic's doing biz
I said hold up I met you I was thuggin' back then and you was riding with me holding on a Mac 10
But that was back when you aint give a what
Now you standing here telling me to give her up


Verse 3:
Hold on baby please you can't leave now
No John baby please
We gon' get you to a hospital as quickly as possible
Life is full of obstacles we gon' get you thru this one
You look me in my eye when you told me you was done
I played her for a fool but I guess I was the foolish one
Remember when she told me that she know how this dream is
Late night phonecalls from one of my close friends
Telling you that we are rushing to the ER
By this time tomorrow we suppoused to be in DR
Me blowing a cigar you sippin' a tini
I told her pack her bags and dont forget a bikini
Den just like a genie it all disappeared
The escape to paradise didn't end like this I swear
Sorry baby girl I tried the best I could
If I can't be in the streets I guess heaven's just as good.

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