Riesling & Rolling Papers Testo

Testo Riesling & Rolling Papers

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
This is why they f-ck with me: right after the head
I tell em I gotta leave cause I'm trying to stay sucker-free
They say I'm a dog, well that makes them a f-cking flea
And now I understand why their ass is so stuck on me
Luckily, I be feeling good in my bucket seats
Thug Motivation: my coupe cost a buck 03
Mind of a hockey player: you could suck a D
I'ma reach my goal and you ain't gon take this puck from me
Coco Loso in my Stanley Cup
You could say whatever, just don't bring the family up
Who could f-ck with me? Everybody hand be up
But when we set the date, bet these niggas stand me up
I'm down to earth like gravity, but man we up
Women get around me and they cannot keep their panties up
Your boy drop jewels, you niggas should ante up
This is food for thought, you bitches fill the pantry up
As I get older, I be looking at what rap breeds:
A bunch of tatted up niggas who can wrap weed
And I ain't saying I”m exactly what rap needs
I'm just a swagged-out nigga in a Rapide
With a 3-year old, that I'm trying to be here for
Road to the riches, and my gift is my vehicle
And I ain't even talking about that Aston Martin
Even though I bought that for my birthday
The lines I come up, they pass the margin
Yeah, I write my best shit on my worst day
And that's the shit that gets you richer
Turn a negative into a positive: get the picture?
People say I changed; it's not me, it's the money
It's the middle of the winter but they got me where it's sunny
And I'm not just being funny, I know no other way
Let's just finish up this Riesling and roll another J
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