Canzone Quasi D'amore (Englisch) Testo

Testo Canzone Quasi D'amore (Englisch)

Canzone quasi d?amore Almost a love song I won?t look anymore for words that I can?t find To tell you the same old things pretending they are new Or to tell you, as usual, how I feel empty inside Lingering on my thoughts and on my memories Playing with my days, with time And so, shall I tell you that I have cut my hair Or that almost all ports are closed for my ships I always speak and speak, but I still have no faith I do not want to boast about myself, my life, Pressed like toes in tight shoes. You know these things, for we all are the same Ans we die every day of the same illnesses For we all are alone, and we are destined To try clumsy flights with our actions and words Flying like a turkey would do I can?t help it, and you, you can?t do it as well I, with my old pride, moved at seeing your breast I do pronounce this word almost with shame, you know, But we got only one life, we can?t waste it With tributes to people or to dreams.. Every night is the same, every night is different And you almost don?t notice the energy you waste To look for faces of people who have forgotten you Wearing worn out dresses good for any occasion Longing for wisdom or sin You know these things, you know where the grace And deadly tediousness of country life begin For we all are the same, we are good and bad, We got the same illnesses, we?re cowardly and bold, Wise, false, sincere, and fool... But where will you go? Where did you already go? I give you, if you want, this used boredom Keep it in memory, but it?s no capital It won?t take much time before you understand That it?s not worth another?s boredom You see, on the other hand, I still write songs And I pay for my home, I pay for my illusions Pretending to understand that life is being sleepy Or hungry, and meeting, having babies and eating, Drinking, reading, loving, or scratching...

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