L'albero Ed Io (Englisch) Testo

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Testo L'albero Ed Io (Englisch)

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
L?albero ed io I and my tree When my last day on earth will come, after my last glance at the world I do not want any stone on my grave, for it too heavy would seem to me Look for a tree, a young and strong tree, that?s the right stone for my grave, I want to lie even after my death under that sky people say it?s of God. And in winter, during the long rest, under my tree I will lie still alive As if I were sleeping I?ll trustfully wait till I?ll awake one day or another And in spring we?ll hear thousands of voices and that will be our rebirth And I willl raise my fingers like boughs to that sky so full of mystery. And in summer, if the wind does accept what ev?ry sprout is inviting to do We?ll wave leaves like flags in the air and we shall sing songs of life And so, together, we?ll live forever, but here on Earth, I and my tree Always standing out in summer and winter against that sky people say it?s of God.

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