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Testo Vorrei (englisch)

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Vorrei I?d like... I?d like to scent the smells of your homeplace Walking in, out through your home and garden I?d like to breathe in May hay and salt, The scents of your sage, of your rosemary, I?d like to be greeted by all old folks there, To talk wi? them about the weather and days bygone I?d like to be addressed by all your friends As if we all were true and old mates I?d tike to look at stones, paths, homedoors, At tufts of parietaria that hang down on walls, At the slime tracks of snails in their shells, I?d like to catch all glances behind the shutters... I?d like all this, ?cos I don?t exist if you aren?t there And I remain alone with my thoughts, and I... I?d like to travel always only with you, To look around all things to be discover?d, I?d like to tell you, or you to tell me Why your face som?times lits up, som?times darkens, To travel back to any place I have seen, To tell you how anything?s chang?d anyway And you to explain me what things have chang?d And what is the new flavour of universe... To visit again Istanbul or Barcelona Or the sea on a solitary beach in Cuba Or the tops of the Appennines where the North wind So plainly it does whistle among the trees... I?d like all this, ?cos I don?t exist if you aren?t there And I remain alone with my thoughts, and I... I?d like to always stay in the same place To listen at your words, to hear their sound, To look then at your steps, so fully amaz?d As if you were a graceful bird soaring about, I?d like to keep silence when you are talking Or to fill up the air with my words Forgetting how fast time it does pass by, And talking nonsense to disguise my emotions, I?d like to sing the song of your hands, To play with you ne?er-ending jeux interdits, I?d like this day mayn?t change into tomorrow, I?d like tomorrow may change into infinite... I?d like all this, ?cos don?t exist if you aren?t there, And I remain alone with my thoughts, and I...

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