Can't Change The World Testo

Testo Can't Change The World

People say that it's impossible to flyBut you don't know what I'm thinkingDon't want to be just like the other hundred guysYeah you don't know what I'm thinkingCan't change the world?Can't change the world?You say it's crumbling all around youAnd you're trying to get outPeople say that out of sight is out of mindBut you don't know what I'm thinkingDon't want to listen to the ignorance and liesYeah you don't know what I'm thinkingAnd isn't it ironic sometimes?The things we take for granted are what we wantedBefore we knew whyAnd isn't it the reason we try?To make the excuse that it won't go the rgiht wayBefore its gone wrong

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