Complicated Testo

Testo Complicated

Celine Dion canta Édith Piaf per omaggiare le vittime di Parigi
you're never going to see what you like you're never going to wake up and change your mind you're never going to keep what you hold you won't accomplish anything on your own you can't have what you wanted so make up your mind and come to your senses you'll never win if you don't bend it's not so complicated if you decide to change your mind you'll find your inundated you're never going to do what you say you'll always try to make up another way you're never going to act on your own you're never going to see that you're all alone and so you're here and you don't know if you can choose the way to go it's not about the way it is so don't become a realist you've got time to make a choice don't think aloud but have a voice and when you think the time is right don't ever be afraid to fight